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🇭🇷 One Year in Croatia! 🇭🇷


What we've learned in one year

There are many things to reflect on as you move an entire family across the earth, but here are a few things that really made a mark on us over the last year:

  • We make mistakes nearly every day. A willingness to laugh it off goes a long way

  • We need help, regularly. That's ok, but we are so very thankful to our helpers

  • Patience and time is the key to building relationships and ministry success

  • Language learning literally hurts, but nothing substitutes putting in the hours.

This is why we love Croatia

There are many likes and dislikes of any place you call home, but here are a few things about Croatia that we really love each and every day:

  • Croatian people are amazingly helpful, kind, loving and generous.

  • The food, geography and scenery are amazingly beautiful, everywhere you turn.

  • Life is truly an adventure. You'll never be bored in Croatia, not even one day.

  • Young people are seeking answers to life's big questions. They balance traditions & rich history with diversity & variety as they choose their future.