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We're the Molvars

We are Scott, Corrin, Liam (13), Esther (11), Colin (9) and Jenson (7) and we are on a journey that takes us half-way around the world to Croatia. A journey that changes everything and although we know most of you can't come along, we're inviting you to experience Croatia with us.


What We're Doing

Leaving our Seattle home, we've changed everything with one big goal in equip and empower the youth and young adults of Croatia. Teaming up with Josiah Venture, a trusted and proven organization in this region, we will build relationships, recruit and train youth leaders, organize events/programs and empower Croatian leaders.


Where We're Going

Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, is our new home. This city, of over one million, has a rich history and a vibrant university culture led by young adults that are rising to take their place as future  leaders of Croatia. As the youngest member of the European Union, Croatia faces many social and economic opportunities that will be shaped by today's youth and young adults.


Thank you

To offset living and program costs, we rely on financial partners who understand our mission and want to reach Croatia with us. You have helped us get to 100% and for that we say thank you.

Since the journey is long and circumstances unforeseen, we are always excited to welcome new partners. Use the button below to become a monthly financial parter. Contributions are US tax-deductible and may be given electronically and securely via our partner, Josiah Venture.

Financial Status: 100% Funded