Seeing Christmas completely differently


Nothing changes your perspective of the holidays like scarcity. Seeing activities, family members, friends and traditions come and go knowing they will change drastically next year causes us to see Christmas completely differently. Its an emotional time of sadness for the things we've enjoyed for so long combined with a happiness and hope for the future that seems bright and quite close.


Our journey to Croatia has already begun. We are working on our drafts of timelines, budgets, visa documents and the list of things we need to do grows and grows before our eyes, but we specifically took time to celebrate Christmas and to be present and active with the kids and family knowing it could be our last time together with the people we love for some time.

We had a white Christmas at our home near Echo Lake and our family had a snowball fight to commemorate the occasion. Our youngest, Jenson, also learned about thin ice as he fell neck deep into the icy waters and was promptly rescued by his brother.

This Christmas may be our last in this home, with this group of people, but we tried our best to cherish it as much as we could as we continue to move forward on the journey God has for our family.

Prayer Requests: We start fundraising full-force this week. Pray for donors, for the letters we will be sending out and for the follow-up conversations and phone calls we will have over the coming months.