When are you leaving?


We get asked many questions as we set out on this journey but none comes as frequently as this: “when are you leaving?” This simple questions turns out to be the most complicated we currently face. The answer has multiple moving parts, so I’ll do my best to explain why its hard and what stands in our way.

To think about uprooting everything you’ve ever known takes boldness; to systematically plan and schedule it takes a special patience and faith. If we were moving to Boise or Boston, we’d wait for the kids to finish school, sell the house, put everything in a truck and make it happen. I could create a nice tube chart with dates and a work back plan that could get us there with a high confidence, but as we evaluate the steps in moving to a foreign country, it gets tricky. 

In a normal situation, we as parents, husbands, wives and workers find comfort in making moves and changing major parts of our lives after we have enough information and confidence to properly control the outcome in our favor. For example, in a normal move, I would find a job in the destination city, secure housing before we arrive and we would ship our stuff from the old home to the new home that was awaiting for our arrival. With our journey, instead of controlling the outcome ourselves through logistical planning we must be reliant on God and others for our success and our timing...and that changes everything.


Because visas won’t allow us to work in Croatia, instead of moving with a job or source of income in place, we are reliant on monthly financial contributions from our partners to fund expenses like housing, food, schooling and ministry start-up costs. The fundraising journey is already amazing and it is growing all of us tremendously, but the one thing it will not ever be is linear. It’s not possible to predict who will partner with us and when they might partner with us and that becomes a challenge. We can not leave on our journey or even accurately plan our departure until we have all of our funds raised. The largest gating factor for our departure is how and when we will complete our fundraising efforts and that depends on God and the generosity of others.

So while every bone in my body would love to give you and my own family an answer to “when are you leaving” the truth is its nearly impossible to predict with any human accuracy. I have come to rest in that tension and accepted the unknown schedule as a point of learning for us as we wait on God’s timing. The truth is, if you or I or any of us could make a journey and calling this big happen with our own means and resources it would be far less mighty and far less special, but I’ll be honest and admit that doesn’t make the unknown any more comforting during all the moments in between.


For you schedule lovers, I thank you for reading this far and here’s your reward. In the absolute ideal case, we would love to have the kids complete school in June, attend our mandatory cross-cultural training in July and depart in August, but that is an absolute best case situation. I encourage you to pray, alongside our family, for that outcome as our hearts are ready to make this journey as soon as it is God’s timing for us to do so.