Loss, change & bracelets


One emotion we face every day of this journey is loss. No matter how excited we are for where we are headed there is something in each of our lives, every day, that reminds us nearly everthing we know and love will change for us in the near future.

Some days we see all the wonderful relationships we have in Seattle and its clear that while these relationships won’t end, they won’t ever be the same as they are now. Other days our focus turns to possessions and sentimental items that have been with us a long time and we know that a majority of these items won’t be able to come with us on our journey. As parents its especially difficult to empathize with the change and loss our kids experience while also continuing to confidently lead forward in the mission that God has for our lives. Its a delicate balance of allowing the loss to be experienced while not becoming discouraged or dissuaded from our goal. 

As Liam and Esther have taken ownership in our journey they want to share their experiences with friends and family but couldn’t really find a great method to invite others into our journey. At their school, the silicone bracelets made popular by a certain cyclist are still popular, but these days they are available for custom printing. Many students have 3-10 of these bracelets showing support for many causes and concerns and are proud of their selection worn at any given time. After some investigation, we found that having custom Croatiawith.us bracelets printed was pretty reasonably priced, so this week our kids are passing out these bright red bracelets as a way to invite their friends and relatives to join us on this journey.


This idea of gifting someone a means to share in our journey has turned out to be an amazing method for discussing and processing loss within our family, while also being a positive method for our kids to involve others in our journey. Its a small gift, but sometimes its the little things that matter most.

We look forward to our journey each and every day, but we are still reminded that it has a cost for everyone involved. Its a strange combination of emotions that aren’t easily understood in a short time, so I’m thankful that we are given the gift of time to process through these emotions while we prepare to leave Seattle. This week, especially, I found comfort in this verse as it pertains to the emotional needs of our family. “And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” ‭Philippians‬ ‭4:19‬ 

Scott Molvar