Your Questions Answered


Where is Croatia?

Just east from Italy, across the Adriatic Sea. Croatia was part of the former Yogoslavian republic and gained its independence in 1991. Learn more from Wikipedia


What do Croatians believe, eat, do?

Life in Croatia is not too much different than what most Americans enjoy. Freedom, safety and equal opportunity are values Croatians strive to enjoy in their day to day lives. The majority of Croatians would consider themselves Catholic, but many are not actively practicing their faith. Food and culture are quite vibrant and include proportions of the same ingredients Americans love: meat, bread, potatoes and fish. Learn more from Wikipedia


What is Zagreb like?

Zagreb is the capital city of Croatia. It is a cosmopolitan city of 1 million and serves as the financial, commerce and educational center for the country of Croatia. The best way to get a feel of the city, short of a visit is to watch this video -  Zagreb in 4k

Why now?

Despite being completely happy and challenged planting Sola Church in Bothell, WA we feel that now is the time to respond to the need in this region as we coordinate efforts with our supporting agency Josiah Venture. Its never the right time for a big change, and there no such thing as change without loss, but we believe the need is great in this region.


What about your current role?

In order to say yes to this amazing new chapter of our lives, we had to say no to so many things we love. That includes our roles as founders of Sola Church. A new pastor of Sola Church, Kellan Peterson, has been found and his transition is complete.


Who are you partnering with?

We are partnering with Josiah Venture, a ministry that has focused on reaching central and eastern Europe for 25 years. We will be surrounded by other families, also partnered with JV, who have dedicated their lives to reaching this region. We encourage you to view


Will you need to learn a new language?

Yes! Learning Croatian will be a big priority for us even before we leave the US. Communicating well and working within the Croatian culture is something we commit to with this journey. 


What About Your Kids?

Change is hard and we all feel some loss in this move, but kids maybe understand even better that when you feel conviction towards a people and a cause, its important to move forward. The kids see a bright future where they can make new friends and experience something uniquely different. Our family is working hard to understand how we can best transition their education efforts and help them succeed in a new schooling environment.


When Will You Go?

We departed September 14th, 2018. 


What are your responsibilities?

In the short term, our family will acclimate to the culture, language and living situation, but as we get settled we will quickly establish new contacts and relationships that will allow us to empower youth and young adults.


How long is your commitment to this endeavor?

We are approaching this journey as a "one-way ticket" to Croatia. We plan on serving and partnering with Josiah Venture, in Croatia, as long as its possible. We will return to the US every two years to see family, friends and partners.


How can I partner with you?

Because of visa restrictions, our family will be unable to work in country, so we are looking for partners both to help with finance and prayer as we set out on this journey. To become a prayer parter sign up here and we'll add you to our newsletter which includes regular updates. To become a financial partner, please visit our partner page (via Josiah Venture).